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Serving the needs of our community and our small, locally-owned businesses is what makes Kettleman Station a different type of commercial center.  Meeting the lifestyle needs of San Joaquin County families is our goal.  That's why our businesses are centered around home, health and family.  Whether its dining with family at one of our locally-owned restaurants, improving your health with a visit to our medical offices, gym or  dance center, enjoying personal services at the spa or salons or updating your home with new carpet or paint, Kettleman Station is your destination. 

home. health. family.

Conveniently located just a short distance off Highway 99 on East Kettleman Lane, Kettleman Station is also home to Clearsuites, a new work solution model catering to small businesses in need of professional office and meeting space.  For more information on our Clearsuites professional suites, connect with us at clearsuites.comWatch for our new grand reopening in Summer of 2023 with the completion of our architect-designed update featuring covered outside dining, pedestrian friendly amenities and a clean, contemporary look. All businesses are open during renovation.

Home. Health. Family.  It's what we have.  It's what you are looking for. It's all at Kettleman Station.

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